Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sucking the life out of me

That's what I feel like Chicago is doing right now. No, I'm not referring to today's delightful story of our Governor's "crime spree." I'm talking about winter in Chicago. It's not even technically winter yet, but it's freezing, snowing, disgusting, dark, and it blows right in your eye. Right in your eye, I tells ya! And it's sucking every bit of energy out of my body. So, I haven't blogged much lately. We haven't done much lately. We've been dragging.

Tonight we had to go to an adoption class. It was all we could do to force ourselves out into this mess of a night. The class was called Becoming an Adoptive Family. To be honest, we didn't love this class. I felt like it was a bit too broad, as it involved domestic and international families, and was a bit too heavy on the idea of psychoanalyzing adopted children. I know social workers have their structures and their boxes and their graphs that they work from, but I have a hard time fitting that stuff into real life. There was one thing we really liked about the class, though. At the beginning of it, she asked us to use words we felt were associated with "family." She wrote down the words on a dry erase board, and they included things like support, love, responsibility, identity, etc. After she wrote down all of the words, she asked us to look at them and think about whether any of these words had anything to do with being biologically related. It was a great point, because of course, they don't. I consider Matt and myself a family and we are not biologically related (that would be awkward :-) It was also nice that there were other couples there who already have adopted children. I really enjoyed their perspective.

So what do we have left? We still need 3 more adoption classes and we need to complete our dossier. Hopefully we will be able to overcome Old Man Winter enough to get this stuff done!

Monday, December 8, 2008

been a while...

And this is not the real official blog update. But I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here! We have another adoption class on Tuesday, so I have the day off and will have time to do a proper update.
In the meantime, I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I, myself am finally getting my arteries back down to pre-Thanksgiving levels of occlusion. Good times :-)

Tuesday, update, for reals.